Madras Day

Madras (Chennai) means different things to different people. For some it is the charming old lady with a string of jasmine in her hair reading Mylapore Times; for others it is a young buxom woman dressed in choicest of colours and glittering in gold, drawing kolam at her doorstep, and for some, like me, it is a little girl in a skirt with a tiny … Continue reading Madras Day

Discovering Lakshmi’s favourite sweet – in the land of Jagannath

Legend has it that once, upset with Krishna for not taking her along for the rath-yatra, Laxmi decides not to let him into the Jagannath temple. Upon his return, when Krishna discovers the doors to his home shut, he pleads with Laxmi to let him enter. Having had enough of the Lord’s hide and seek, she refuses to budge. Krishna tries every trick possible, but … Continue reading Discovering Lakshmi’s favourite sweet – in the land of Jagannath

Salli Boti, Berry Pulav, and K Rustomji

When it comes to Parsi food, old Bombay is a gold mine. There are numerous establishments – some well known, others not so famous – that offer the various culinary delights of the community to all and sundry. To be in South Bombay, and not sample Parsi food therefore is nothing short of sacrilege. Having sinned enough already, I am in no mood for another … Continue reading Salli Boti, Berry Pulav, and K Rustomji

Wagah – The Incomplete Pilgrimage

It is a scene straight out of a Hindi film. The day is bright and beautiful, the long straight road is flanked by lush green fields on both sides complete with tube wells and narrow irrigating canals; there is no trace of traffic or mankind only the odd car passing by. A few narrow lanes branch off the highway every now and then, perhaps leading … Continue reading Wagah – The Incomplete Pilgrimage

Of Memories & MTR

About fifty elderly men sip coffee from white china cups in and around the ground floor Coffee-Room. Some lean against the walls, some support themselves on narrow cement benches, and some, for want of space, have moved on to the pavement. The pavement outside is equally busy. There is a newspaper seller arranging English and Kannada papers in neat stacks, and an elderly Muslim man … Continue reading Of Memories & MTR