Quintessentially Europe, And Some More

I arrive in Budapest at dusk after an hour-long bus ride along miles and miles of Lavender fields dotted with hundreds of windmills. The picturesque drive has led to a suburb lined with cottages. The houses are adorned with tiny curtained windows and cobbled front yards. Some have bikes resting against their low boundary walls; some flaunt neat flowerbeds with read and pink carnations peeping … Continue reading Quintessentially Europe, And Some More

Of Ruins and Rave

Imagine a bicycle hanging above your head even as you sip your favourite cocktail lounging in a lopsided couch. Imagine drinking your favorite pálinka sitting in a dentist’s chair together with a bathtub and a gutted Trabant for company. Think private feature films in open-air cinemas and concerts and exhibitions through the day. If you love sports, think of a game of table tennis or … Continue reading Of Ruins and Rave