In Tagore’s Backyard, Learning a Thing or Two

“Jodi tor daak sune keu na aashey, tobe ekla cholo re…” the words from Rabindranath Tagore’s famous song rang in my ears as I walked along the dusty path early in the morning. It may be a coincidence that I was walking in Tagore’s own backyard. The sole purpose of my visit to Bolpur, or …

The Secret Life at Cu-Chi Tunnels

“Nothing is what it looks like in Cu-chi. Deception, after all, was the weapon used extensively in the guerilla warfare of the Viet Cong soldiers who almost bare handedly fought the western forces laced with sophisticated arms and ammunition. These tunnels, which ran for miles were spread across several levels and served as fortification for army and a center for community life. There were marriages, engagements, courting, and even entertainment that happened inside. It was like a town under the ground.”

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