A Warm Summer Day and A Cone of Vanilla Ice Cream

A warm, sultry day, two tired people, a parched throat, and a rumbling tummy. No, this is not the title of my next film, but the condition I am in now. In the middle of the Dutch capital, at the peak of the tourist season, on a Friday. While planning my trip to Amsterdam, it had been really hard for me to find a hotel … Continue reading A Warm Summer Day and A Cone of Vanilla Ice Cream

An Ode To The Roll

No one knows when it was first made, or how. Some say it was ‘invented’ when the British found it impossible to eat the roti and kebab combination using their fingers, others say it was created when the busy people of Calcutta (now that is an oxymoron), found no time to sit and savour their meal. There is one more school of thought, which does … Continue reading An Ode To The Roll

Stranded In A Food Haven

What do you do when you find yourself stuck at a railway station with a first class ticket but no train? You eat. Well that’s what I did. I am supposed to be on my way to Shantiniketan this morning but my train has been diverted and I have had to get off barely forty minutes after starting from Calcutta. Presently in a tiny station … Continue reading Stranded In A Food Haven