Mother’s Recipe – Not Half as Effective as Mother’s Cooking

घुइयां की सब्जी और रोटी।

I grew up a vegetarian and still remain primarily a vegetarian. This means good food isn’t limited to or comprises only of meat for me. In fact, all things close to my heart are simple vegetarian dishes which I grew up eating. Like most of us, I reckon.

I started cooking pretty early in life. In these almost 25 years of cooking, I have learnt to cook almost everything that I grew up eating, I have, of course also learnt new things — Bengali food from my ma-in-law, South Indian food from my help in Bangalore, and a little bit of Western stuff from here and there — but there are still some things that I cannot make well. This curry of arbi is one such thing. How hard I may try I can never get it right.

So whenever I see mother around, I get her to make it for me, for as much as I may cook, I will never be able to make it like her.

P.S. It is eaten best with hot rotis filled with urad dal (like kachauri) but since my stomach cannot take both arbi and urad together, I make do with regular rotis. It is another story that my normal one roti dinner extends to three rotis and three servings of the sabzi.

What is your favourite food?


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