Avartana: southern soul, global face, and an experience to cherish.

Curd rice made with sago. Potatoes that look like fish and chips. A toffee made with white butter and wrapped in beetroot paper and a paan that looks more like gelato -- nothing is what it seems and yet it satisfies like a lost flavour from your childhood. Served in fixed menus of seven, eleven, and thirteen courses with vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood variants, a meal at Avartana is a special culinary experience.

Soul Pantry: wholesome, clean, good food, made with love.

It is not everyday you come across a place that instantly connects with you, Soul Pantry does. Simple, minimalist yet charming the newest deli style café at Andaz, Aerocity puts you at ease the minute you enter. Elegant, and understated, the place is a welcome change from loud, over the top restaurants that have flooded …

Tredelnik, Beer, Goulash: How Prague Feeds the Hungry Soul

At 1:30 in the afternoon we are as hungry as we are tired. Our feet are blistered, our bellies are rumbling, and we seem to have no energy to explore the city we had been looking forward to most. Travelling on a budget comes with its share of challenge and compromising on good food sometimes …

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