Some drinks, dumplings & desserts: places you recommended.

So I am back as promised, and today I have places recommended by you guys and not me. Also, since I want to be sure of who we are recommending, I am looking at putting only three places every week. It is impossible for me to sample anymore than those in a week and I do not want to put any place where either I have not eaten from or someone I trust implicitly has ordered from.

Also, I will try to bring in some dessert and beverage only places too — since sometimes you may just need that cheesecake or just that cocktail. No?

As much as I have worried about ordering in this week — I sampled one meal — I am also aware that ordering in is one of the safest things to do. So, for all our safety, here is this week’s list.


1. Momo King.

To tell the truth, I would never in my life order momo home. It was and still is sacrilege to me. But the craving for momo is as real as it gets. My industry friends also tell me how it is the single largest selling item this lockdown, not that I am surprised.

So early this week, a friend recommended Momo King to me. Hmm, I thought. The name was familiar to my favourite momo place in Vasant Kunj, but of course this was a different place. “Can I trust them?” I asked. I have two kids at home who I cannot risk. “I eat from there regularly, said the friend who also has a young daughter. And to prove he also sent me a lavish spread of the momos.

The best part about them was the price, at a time where all of us need to watch where we are putting the money, that is important too. The quality however was not compromised at all. The shrimp momos, laksa momos and thukpa momos were especially nice. The kothey had a nice bite to it and the spicy sandheko were a nice change. They also have whole wheat versions for those who maybe watching the maida intake and gluten free range.

Would I eat from there again? I think so. Laksa and gluten free shrimp will be my choice of order.

2. Zoet.

So, this is a dessert place that makes the most beautiful looking — and tasting — desserts. A very close friend and someone who workd with food day and night recommended this place and I am going to try it soon. The menu is extensive and filled with chocolate and fruit based cakes, cake jars, ice creams, pies and whatnot. You need to order a day in advance and the desserts reach you fresh and, well, cold. They have chocolate and cake gift boxes too should you want to surprise a friend (or me), I would typically get them on a weekend and live through the week on them.

From what I see, I love the look and sound of cheese puff — yes they have savouries too! — mushroom and cheese quiche and ISPAHAN Ice cream — A seasonal fresh Lychee, delicate Rose and zingy Strawberry ice cream. Will keep you posted when I order in.


3. Whisky Samba.

Too much food. Time for some drinks. And when it comes to drinks who better than Ashish?  His award winning bar & restaurant Whisky Samba is back in action and is mixing not just classics but also their signature cocktails. You can order them for as little as Rs. 225 and make your own cocktails WS style.

I have had the opportunity to try the Bloody Mary and the Elderflower mix. They came packed neatly with all instructions and measurements. All I needed was ice and alcohol.

Cheat’s Tip: You can just add tonic or soda water and skip the booze entirely — they will taste as good.

Along with the drinks, you can get some very scrumptious cake too. Mine were Ferraro Rocher and mango and were quite good.


I will come back with another list soon, until then, try from these places and tell me how you like them.

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