Lakhnavi, Asian, and Artisanal — my choice of places this week is as diverse as it is niche.

So, last week’s list came from you guys. A big Thank You for that! It is impossible to sample everything out there even if one wants and so I rely on you, my readers, to fill me in with what is hot.

This week I am back with my recommendations. I have three places for you and some news on a very interesting delivery that most of us have been waiting for and which promises to start this weekend.

But first this week’s reccos — that’s what you guys call it, right?

Annamaya, Andaz Delhi Aerocity

The last meal I had outside before the world went into a tizzy was at Annamaya. It was a beautiful long languorous brunch that spilled into lunch that spilled into the evening. My plan was to spend a weekend there for my daughter’s birthday, but that was not to happen. Anyway, Annamaya is one of the first places to start a delivery kitchen and their breads and cakes, more than anything else, are just exceptional. If you are especially in the area around the airport (read Dwarka!) where nothing ever reaches, this is a boon for you. They deliver quick, clean and of course very very good food. The one thing that I have always liked ad will continue to be Annamaya’s USP is their sourcing and partnership with local farmers and use of artisanal produce. And all of this comes home to you now.

2. Hello Panda

If you read my blogs and my pages you would know I just sampled this place this week and I am super excited about it personally. Chef Vikramjit Roy is one of those who have launched a new place in this pandemic and I am so glad he has. He is undoubtedly one of our best oriental chefs in the city and the food I ate was not only top notch in quality and taste but also in presentation and packaging. The boxes come machine sealed and food is warm when it reaches you. The prices super inviting and you can have a feast for the price of two in a top end restaurant. If there is one place you must try this week it is Hello Panda — and do let me if you like it. My recommendation for this place will be Maki Rolls, Dimsums, Curries and more curries. I will tell you more when I eat more.


        3. Irfan Bhai

No list I compile can be complete without Indian, especially Lakhnavi. And this time I bring to you Irfan Bhai. A beautiful melange of kormas, saalans and kalias from the kitchens of Lucknow. There is biryani too, and a behtareen one at that and luscious gulab jamuns and delicate phirni. Thandai that comes straight out of Chowk and Shahi Tukda that can compete with the Nawab’s Kitchen. In short, it is a trip to Lucknow without going to Lucknow. My recommendation is to stock up on some desserts to eat the next day since you’d not want to have anything after the salaans and taftaan. Yes, and you must get the taftaan and sheermaals, the signature avdhi rotis to go with the salaans. Just one word of caution: this is royal food and can get a bit heavy if you do not eat in measured quantities. So save some for the next day and go easy on the portions.

Update on the special delivery? Well the Taj group of hotels is finally out with their dining delivery service. From what I hear it has started in Mumbai and is about to start in Delhi soon. I will get you more details as soon as I have confirmation. Until then order in, chill with a bottle of beer and forget the problems of the world for some time.

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