This Week: Places That Are On My Wishlist.

The most common misconception people have about food writers is that they eat out all the time. And there is no better example to bust that myth than I. All of this week I kept planning to order some food in, but last week revelry and all the eating out in the past two-three weeks meant that I had to keep this week light. So lauki-roti it was, and dal-chawal, and khichdi too. But that would not stop me from sending you my recommendation list. So, today’s recommendation list is actually a wish list of places I have had on my mind for weeks, some of them years (yes! I keep a wish list!).


1. Mahabelly.

Much before I met Thomas Fenn, the very soft-spoken man behind Delhi’s most loved Malayali place, I knew of his creation. Mahabelly was where all my friends who knew their food would go for their fill of Keralaite food. Being a true-blue Mallu food loved I should have gone there much earlier, but I didn’t for some odd reason. Then Just before the lockdown I met Thomas at the Reader’s Digest Food issue launch and promised him I was coming to eat soon. Rest is history! Anyway, Mahabelly is once again open for both delivery and pick-up and the food is as top notch as it was back then. I have been promising Thomas that I am coming to pick my parrottas and roasts soon, but been lazing at home. The excuse? I am too far now, in Gurgoan.

But they are delivering all over Delhi & Gurgaon and if not go to pick, you can always order in. Try the Idi Erachi, Idiyappam, Mackerel Aila Fish, Kaapi and Sulemani Chai.


2. Rustom’s

Much before I shameless sent a friend request to Kainaz, who barely knew who I was, I was in love with Rustom’s. I had been planning to go and eat at the very Irani-Parsi place she’s lovingly set up in the heart of Delhi and meet her personally. But, that was not happening, and I had to tell her how much I loved what she was doing. So, I spammed her on Instagram (I still do) and kept promising a visit. Well, that may come true now that she has opened the restaurant and delivery and take away. My idea is to go and eat there in person rather than have the food come to me, so I am still waiting for the right time.

But, they are delivering — not only to your place but also to your car if you wish so and the food remains as lovely as inside the restaurant. According to me your Sunday should be made up of their Bhonu, Patra ni macchi, Kheema Pattice, Eeda Cheese Balls, and Berry Pulav. Trust me you will call me to thank later. I promise.



3. Qmin

No, Qmin is not a restaurant, but it is something that I had promised to tell you about last week. This is the app that has (finally) brought in the food from IHCL’s Hotel’s (Taj and its associated hotels) restaurants to our fingertips — and dining tables. Launching soon, the Qmin app gives you access to their most loved and most classic (is there a word like that?) dishes from all of their iconic restaurants. Until then you can order on the phone.

The restaurants I have my eyes on are Spicy Duck, Thai Pavilion, Capital Kitchen and Machaan. Qmin gives you the flexibility to order simultaneously from any restaurant across the hotel, so your starters can come from Spicy Duck and mains from Capitol Kitchen, and curry from Masala Art. You can schedule your order to ensure it reaches just you when you want it and the exclusive delivery fleet, that exclusively caters to these hotels, brings another level of safety — something we all need at this time. My recommendation? Order today and order everything!



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