Who is That Girl In Muddy Boots and what does she do?

So, a lot of you are new here. And many of you are confused about this funny handle. You see, like most of us 5 years ago, I had given in to get a catchy name for my page. The intent was to stand out rather than be lost in the slew of accounts – no one knew Anubhuti Krishna back then and just my name would not have got me any readers anyway.

Also, That Girl in Muddy Boots was a catchy byline of a story I had done for The Hindu that talked about a hike I had undertaken much against my will. My foray into the public world of social media was somewhat reluctant too – maybe that played on my mind while deciding on the name. Anyway, 5 years later I am not particularly thrilled by the title anymore. Should I change the page to Anubhuti Krishna then? I don’t know yet.

So then again, who is That Girl and what does she do? That Girl is actually not a girl at all but a 40 something woman, a mother of two growing children, and a person who gets bored easily. She writes, edits, travels, reads, muses, designs, cooks, bakes, gardens altogether and then does nothing for long periods of time. She is known (in whatever little way) for her work in food and travel space and has written for most established publications in India and around the world. Until recently she was also the editor at large with Lonely Planet India (digital), a role she had also reluctantly taken but grew to love. (Do you see a pattern here?)

Since writing has started to feel a bit stagnant for me in the past few months, and I am slightly bored of the same old Instagram stories, posts, and now even reels, I have started to conduct writing workshops. They serve the dual purpose of helping upcoming and aspiring writers find their voice and manoeuvre the world of writing and helping me meet new people and learn from them in turn. My three workshops so far have got me a lot of love and learning and I am not bored of them yet. So you can expect more in the coming months.

But what should you expect of this space? Well, it had started, as I said, as a repertoire of my work in food and travel but have since become a journal of sorts. I do not write long posts here anymore neither do I curate the page, this space is me in all its idiosyncratic ways. So you will see glimpses of my home, my food, my love for design, my random midnight poems, and sometimes my travel snippets.

So welcome to this page and I hope to say hello to you in person soon.


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