Food Street of The Steel City

Every evening, after the sun sets in the steel city, the sky lights up. The orange glow can be attributed partially to the burning metal at the steel plant, and partially, to the illuminated carts of the food street in the heart of the town. Tatanagar was founded a little over 100 years ago when Jamshedji Tata decided to set up a steel plant here. … Continue reading Food Street of The Steel City

In Tagore’s Backyard, Learning a Thing or Two

“Jodi tor daak sune keu na aashey, tobe ekla cholo re…” the words from Rabindranath Tagore’s famous song rang in my ears as I walked along the dusty path early in the morning. It may be a coincidence that I was walking in Tagore’s own backyard. The sole purpose of my visit to Bolpur, or Santiniketan, in any case was solitude. I had heard and … Continue reading In Tagore’s Backyard, Learning a Thing or Two

Calcutta Chromosomes

A large replica of the Meenakshi Temple stands quietly at a crossing, towering over apartment complexes and palatial bungalows of the posh neighbourhood. Painted in shades of red, yellow, green and pink, adorned with intricately carved idols, it looks every inch the original temple it is supposed to be. A few lanes away, the famous Ambaji temple from Gujrat has come to life in white … Continue reading Calcutta Chromosomes

Of Durga and Me

Miles and Miles of silver Kaash flowers swaying to the gentle autumn breeze; bright sunny days and cool nippy nights; mornings drenched in the fragrance of orange-stemmed shiuli, evenings serenaded in the heady scent of chatim. To a layman, these are just signs that indicate the sun’s movement from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere but to a Bengali – and sometimes to a … Continue reading Of Durga and Me