Making of the Muri Mix or Laiyya Mixture.

Muri. Murmura. Laiyya. Mamra. This humble puffed rice has as many names as it has uses: soak and make poha out of it (try it!), Grind it and make sattu with it, fry it and make a snack out of it, mix it up with other fun things to make jhaalmuri or bhelpuri, or, as they call in Allahabad,  churmura, with it. You can also … Continue reading Making of the Muri Mix or Laiyya Mixture.

Aloo-Puri: The Quintessential Winter Breakfast

If there is a quintessential UP breakfast, it is Aloo-Puri. Jalebi and dahi, khasta and samosa, makkhan malai is all good but one cannot eat any of it regularly, plus you cannot make them at home. And so aloo puri. Sometimes kaddu too. The aloo sabzi is lightest ever, the kaddu or pumpkin is cooked with red chilli, dry mango powder, and sugar and puris … Continue reading Aloo-Puri: The Quintessential Winter Breakfast

Of Bangalore Dosas and Tamil Idlis

So I hadn’t slept all night. It is a typical trait of my travel: I am so excited that I do not sleep the night before, and I cannot sleep on the flight or the train. And then when you arrive in a city like Bangalore at 5:00  in the morning how can you sleep? Since stepping into the city, at 5 in the morning, … Continue reading Of Bangalore Dosas and Tamil Idlis

Singhara and Memories of a Winter

It is that time of the year again. Winters are on their way, and all things wintery have started to appear in the streets and markets. So we have peanuts and peas, jaggery and cane-sugar, cauliflower and cabbages. And then there is ‘Singhara’ or what some of us call water chestnut. I can never forget those misty winter mornings of small town North India, when … Continue reading Singhara and Memories of a Winter

Lucknow: A Vegetarians Paradise.

Think of Lucknow and the first thing that comes to mind are kebabs, biriyanis, kormas, and sheermal. While the legendary non-vegetarian food deserves all the attention it gets, there is also an entire alternate cuisine that the city specializes in (and not many know about). The lip-smacking vegetarian options that you find in Lucknow are as good as, if not better than their non-vegetarian counterparts. … Continue reading Lucknow: A Vegetarians Paradise.

Mumbai: A foodies haven

A Koli woman carries a basket of fish on her head, a podgy man, dressed in a striped shirt gapes in horror at the fat bill even as the woman looks on with glee; a bunch of middle aged men sit at a distance enjoying their beer and banter oblivious to the infamous rains and flooded streets. Monsoon is the best time to be in … Continue reading Mumbai: A foodies haven

Calcutta’s Must-Try Street Food in Durga Puja

Come Puja and the city of Calcutta turns into a life-size food court. Streets are lined with stalls, people queue outside eateries, and plates full of food are passed between family and friends. Then there is bhog, the most important part of any Puja. On some days it comprises of simple khichdi and labda, on others it is a lavish fare of mutton curry, luchis, … Continue reading Calcutta’s Must-Try Street Food in Durga Puja

Food Street of The Steel City

Every evening, after the sun sets in the steel city, the sky lights up. The orange glow can be attributed partially to the burning metal at the steel plant, and partially, to the illuminated carts of the food street in the heart of the town. Tatanagar was founded a little over 100 years ago when Jamshedji Tata decided to set up a steel plant here. … Continue reading Food Street of The Steel City

A Warm Summer Day and A Cone of Vanilla Ice Cream

A warm, sultry day, two tired people, a parched throat, and a rumbling tummy. No, this is not the title of my next film, but the condition I am in now. In the middle of the Dutch capital, at the peak of the tourist season, on a Friday. While planning my trip to Amsterdam, it had been really hard for me to find a hotel … Continue reading A Warm Summer Day and A Cone of Vanilla Ice Cream