Bishnupur: An Unlikely Hero

A tiny town in the heart of rural Bengal surrounded by paddy fields and hutments, flanked by low hills and lakes, little known to the outside world, and taken for granted by the locals. Bishnupur, in the first look, may seem like an ordinary hamlet, displaying no visible sign of being an important center on the historical and cultural map of Bengal. But sometimes what … Continue reading Bishnupur: An Unlikely Hero

2017: A Year In Food Memories.

Okay! So this post comes a little late. Three days to be precise. But then, when most people were summing up their year, I was busy making the most of the remaining days of 2017 by travelling some more. 2017 was a year full of travel for me (which one isn’t?). It started in January with Hyderabad, and went on to Calcutta, Bolpur, Shantiniketan, Lucknow, … Continue reading 2017: A Year In Food Memories.

UNESCO World Heritage: A Story of Life and Love

Nothing I had read, or heard had prepared me for Khajuraho. It is not hard to imagine a temple town in India: take a few ancient sandstone temples, fill them up with religious crowds, add a handful of foreign tourists; line its streets with cheap hotels, dot its squares with beggars and touts; finish off with piles of garbage and a few stray animals. This … Continue reading UNESCO World Heritage: A Story of Life and Love

An Insiders Guide to Surviving Calcutta’s Durga Puja

There are two types of people in this world: one) who love Durga Puja, two) who hate Durga Puja. There is another tiny variety though — of people who hopped over the fence somewhere along the way. I belong to that category. Making the switch is not, however, the easiest thing even if you are a sucker of food, arts, music, and culture — elements … Continue reading An Insiders Guide to Surviving Calcutta’s Durga Puja

Stranded In A Food Haven

What do you do when you find yourself stuck at a railway station with a first class ticket but no train? You eat. Well thatโ€™s what I did. I am supposed to be on my way to Shantiniketan this morning but my train has been diverted and I have had to get off barely forty minutes after starting from Calcutta. Presently in a tiny station … Continue reading Stranded In A Food Haven