Karnataka Food Center: Much ado about nothing.

So this morning I excitedly posted some pictures of my breakfast, something I usually not do until after I have eaten it. There were two reasons for that. One: I had been planning to go to the place — a stare run canteen — for more than two years now. Two: I was excited to see my favorite menu from Bangalore available in Delhi. Then … Continue reading Karnataka Food Center: Much ado about nothing.

Bruges: A Fairytale Land Like None Other

If fairytales were real, they would have been set in Bruges. And if they weren’t, they’d come alive after witnessing the beauty of Bruges. “Since there are so many of you on the boat, I should tell you that Bruges has become very popular with the Indian tourists for the past few years, since a popular Indian movie was shot here. Suddenly there are so … Continue reading Bruges: A Fairytale Land Like None Other

The Delhi I love (and that loves me back.)

Delhi is a hard place to love. It is rude and ruthless, cold and indifferent. It tests you in ways no other city can. Its vast open spaces can intimidate  you, its crowded streets can terrify you. And its people? The lesser said about them the better — or so they say.  Landing into this city sixteen years ago was a dream come true for … Continue reading The Delhi I love (and that loves me back.)

My Books and I

My love affair with books began very late in life. In my 30s to be precise. Until then they had been passing acquaintances, the kinds you’d spend a few minutes with while waiting for the kids at the bus-stop, but never invite home. It is not as though I did not try to read. In college, after I got married, during holidays, and on many … Continue reading My Books and I

Oh! The places you’ll go — 2017 a year in Travel.

If there was one thing I did in 2017, it was travel. Mostly across the country, sometimes across continents. I travelled on the first day of the year, and the last, and also many, many days in between. I went to some old places, and many, new ones. Which then were my favourite? 1. How do you even begin to describe a city that has … Continue reading Oh! The places you’ll go — 2017 a year in Travel.

Bishnupur: An Unlikely Hero

A tiny town in the heart of rural Bengal surrounded by paddy fields and hutments, flanked by low hills and lakes, little known to the outside world, and taken for granted by the locals. Bishnupur, in the first look, may seem like an ordinary hamlet, displaying no visible sign of being an important center on the historical and cultural map of Bengal. But sometimes what … Continue reading Bishnupur: An Unlikely Hero

2017: A Year In Food Memories.

Okay! So this post comes a little late. Three days to be precise. But then, when most people were summing up their year, I was busy making the most of the remaining days of 2017 by travelling some more. 2017 was a year full of travel for me (which one isn’t?). It started in January with Hyderabad, and went on to Calcutta, Bolpur, Shantiniketan, Lucknow, … Continue reading 2017: A Year In Food Memories.

Making of the Muri Mix or Laiyya Mixture.

Muri. Murmura. Laiyya. Mamra. This humble puffed rice has as many names as it has uses: soak and make poha out of it (try it!), Grind it and make sattu with it, fry it and make a snack out of it, mix it up with other fun things to make jhaalmuri or bhelpuri, or, as they call in Allahabad,  churmura, with it. You can also … Continue reading Making of the Muri Mix or Laiyya Mixture.

एक खँडहर की कहानी। (Hiraeth)

इन दरवाज़ों के पीछे कभी ज़िन्दगी बसा करती होगी, इस दहलीज़ के अंदर कभी महफ़िलें सजा करती रहीं होंगी; इनके आँगन में कभी गूंजा करती होगी बच्चों की किलकारी, कभी नानी, कभी दादी, कभी प्यारी सी बुआ हमारी। इनकी चौखट पर कभी चाची की प्यासी आँखें चाचा का इंतज़ार करती रहीं होंगी, इनकी दलानो पर कभी चाचा ताऊ की तकरार भी हुई ही होगी; इस … Continue reading एक खँडहर की कहानी। (Hiraeth)