Of Ruins and Rave

Imagine a bicycle hanging above your head even as you sip your favourite cocktail lounging in a lopsided couch. Imagine drinking your favorite pálinka sitting in a dentist’s chair together with a bathtub and a gutted Trabant for company. Think private feature films in open-air cinemas and concerts and exhibitions through the day. If you love sports, think of a game of table tennis or … Continue reading Of Ruins and Rave

Dhabas of the GT Road

One of the many things that Sher-Shah-Suri had in mind while building the Grand Trunk Road was the safety and convenience of his people. It was with this vision that he had built inns for travellers and shelters for their animals along the road. These inns, built at every kos (2.25 miles), were marked by a tall brick tower called kos-minar, which could be spotted … Continue reading Dhabas of the GT Road

Why I Travel Alone And Will Continue To Do So

I have been travelling for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I travelled with my parents all around the country–from the snow-covered passes of Himachal, where we went with my four-month-old brother, to the oceans of Kanyakumari, where we travelled, a few years later, with grandparents and cousins in tow–we travelled more than anyone around us, and to the places no … Continue reading Why I Travel Alone And Will Continue To Do So

In Birla House with Memories of the Mahatma

The Birla House, or Gandhi Smriti, stands inconspicuously among other sprawling bungalows in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi without any trappings of an important building even though it is far more important than any of its neighbours; it is not only the house where Mahatma Gandhi spent the last 144 days of his life, but also the place where he breathed his last after being … Continue reading In Birla House with Memories of the Mahatma