Delhi: Its time to do something or die — literally!

In my 15 years of living in Delhi, never have I questioned my choice of being here. Not when they raise questions on the safety of women here, not when they touted it as a ‘show off’ culture, not when they declared its people rude and crude. And that has not been without a reason — for all its flaws, the city has given me … Continue reading Delhi: Its time to do something or die — literally!

Of Bangalore Dosas and Tamil Idlis

So I hadn’t slept all night. It is a typical trait of my travel: I am so excited that I do not sleep the night before, and I cannot sleep on the flight or the train. And then when you arrive in a city like Bangalore at 5:00  in the morning how can you sleep? Since stepping into the city, at 5 in the morning, … Continue reading Of Bangalore Dosas and Tamil Idlis

Singhara and Memories of a Winter

It is that time of the year again. Winters are on their way, and all things wintery have started to appear in the streets and markets. So we have peanuts and peas, jaggery and cane-sugar, cauliflower and cabbages. And then there is ‘Singhara’ or what some of us call water chestnut. I can never forget those misty winter mornings of small town North India, when … Continue reading Singhara and Memories of a Winter

Lucknow: A Vegetarians Paradise.

Think of Lucknow and the first thing that comes to mind are kebabs, biriyanis, kormas, and sheermal. While the legendary non-vegetarian food deserves all the attention it gets, there is also an entire alternate cuisine that the city specializes in (and not many know about). The lip-smacking vegetarian options that you find in Lucknow are as good as, if not better than their non-vegetarian counterparts. … Continue reading Lucknow: A Vegetarians Paradise.

Mumbai: A foodies haven

A Koli woman carries a basket of fish on her head, a podgy man, dressed in a striped shirt gapes in horror at the fat bill even as the woman looks on with glee; a bunch of middle aged men sit at a distance enjoying their beer and banter oblivious to the infamous rains and flooded streets. Monsoon is the best time to be in … Continue reading Mumbai: A foodies haven

#metoo, even though I wish I could say #notme

I have been thinking long and hard. I have read through every #metoo post that has appeared on my timeline in the last few days. I have felt the pain in each of them, I have understood the anger behind every story, and, needless to say, I see myself or someone I know in all of them. Even though I always knew molestation, harassment, and … Continue reading #metoo, even though I wish I could say #notme

Jagannath Puri: A Gem Discovered

Miles and miles of fluorescent green paddy fields covered in mist. A gleaming white Pagoda in the horizon. Impossibly blue skies with cotton candy clouds floating in and out of the frame. Patches of fluffy Kaash phool swaying to mild autumn breeze. And, among all this, the serpent of a road slithering majestically. No, I am not talking about some exotic location in the heart … Continue reading Jagannath Puri: A Gem Discovered

This Diwali Cut Lose Your Demons

Some weeks ago I cut my hair really short. Well, not that short by most standards, but short enough for me to take another look at the mirror to ensure it was me that I was looking at. My mother always had long, straight lustrous hair. She usually kept it tied up either with a handkerchief, or in a loose bun or a braid. But … Continue reading This Diwali Cut Lose Your Demons

Missing The Good Old Letter, this World Post Day

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Or should I ask if you ever got a  chance to write letters at all? For, a lot of us in today may have rarely written or received letter, it is the occupation of the old.  If you are over thirty however, chances are you have not only seen, but also written and received … Continue reading Missing The Good Old Letter, this World Post Day